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This blog is purely fictional.Any similarities to real life events are coincidental and unintentional.

Itchy fingers!!

Something was meant to be a surprise for SOMEBODY,but due to unforseen circumstances and some itchy fingers,it didn’t really turn out quite right.I wonder what it would be like if it just didn’t happen…

8.5.2010 |

A list of things I need to do / will be doing soon :

Get Love’s Birthday present(still wondering what to get),

Celebrate Love’s Birthday(Of course),

Fast(For 1 month from 5.30am - 7pm),

Go for NS medical check-up,

Get a new set of Baju Kurung,

Last CP posting,


NS or probably work.

7.30.2010 |


So…this is like,the 2nd time I’ve changed my blog.Wonder which blog site will I move to next?lols.Anyway,me and Love took Sick Leave for 2 days this week.3 days down.4 more to go.I guess we shouldn’t use our Sick Leaves that much huh?

7.29.2010 |